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Reducing Milk Production

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Tips on reducing milk production after weaning your baby. There are many ways we can stimulate our breastmilk to “drop” and these are ways to help prevent that.

    • Try weaning your baby slowly – this will help to reduce production over time and prevent mastitis. Read my post on How I weaned my baby in One Week.
    • No touching the boobs – try not to feel them too much to see if your full or not. If you become engorged and in pain take a warm shower and hand express some milk out or pump. Be sure not to overdo it, you do not want to restimulate milk production. If you show signs of red streaks, a fever, or flu like symptoms call your doctor because you could have mastitis.
    • Cabbage leaves – Cold, Clean leaves placed on your breasts relieve the swelling and are said to reduce milk production
    • Ice packs – I used these gel beaded packs when I felt super full and slightly swollen on the 6th day of weaning
  • Ibprophen – If your breasts become painful (which mine did on the 6th day) I took a couple ibprophens to help with the pain
  • Wear a comfortable, well fitted sports bra. This worked the best out of everything for me. Keeping the boobs “high and tight” not only reduced the pain, but I felt helped dry up my milk. Also, made sleeping much more comfortable.
  • Pass the baby to your mom, babysitter or father and have a drink! No, but in all seriousness getting away for a few hours during the day will help you to relax and being away from the baby will also help with keeping your milk from dropping.

From start to finish it has taken my breastmilk 15 days to dry up. The most improvement I saw was after drinking the “No more Milk tea” and consistently wearing a tight fitting sports bra. I drank the tea for 4 to 5 days straight day and night. At the end of the day I would take a warm shower and hand express a small amount of milk (do NOT express everyday… I only did this about 3 times during the entire 15 days) then put on a really snug fitting sports bra, sometimes even two! This is one of my favorites it is seamless so it doesn’t bother me while sleeping.