About Me

A little about me! I am a new mommy and my sister has been telling me to start a blog for over a year now so there’s no time like the present ..am I right?

I am a stay at home mommy and thought I might share my daily outfit details along with my adored little babies outfits, my current fashion obsessions, some recipes and maybe some travel advice. As a new mommy I am constantly reading other blogs and trying to find the newest and best recipes, clothes, activities, and ways to stay healthy! So this is one way I can give back and share with all of you!

I chose the name Bella Mum after my grandmother Margeurite. She only ever went by the name MUM. Everyone who knew her personally would call her mum. My mother told me that when she was younger they called her mummy because she was totally infatuated with the Queen mum and loved everything about her. I love that. I want nothing more than to have my babies call me the same after my grandmother.